Thursday, May 21, 2015

Getting Sappy for Six Months

Bear with me, but today I'm doing a little bit of a personal post. Today marks six months that I have been dating my wonderful boyfriend, and I wanted to post about him and how great the last 6 months have been. It will most likely be sickeningly sweet. I don't apologize. 

Everyone told me not to date anyone my freshman year of college, especially first semester. However, I'll be the first to say that sometimes the best thing to do is to not listen to what everyone else says and just listen to your heart (I know, super corny). First semester was pretty rough for me; it wasn't easy to move halfway across the country and I spent more time than I would like to admit pretty sad and lonely. This boy made all the difference. Now I'm not saying that a boy is necessary to be happy, but he was a big help to me. He became my best friend, something I didn't have up to that point at school. Because of him, I always have someone to grab lunch or a Cookout milkshake with, someone who will listen to my unreasonable rants or freak outs, someone who can always make me smile, someone to be my date to endless sorority functions, someone who is always there for me. He made my freshman year better than I possibly could have asked for and {almost} all of my best memories from the year are with him.

Now one thing we haven't mastered in 6 months is taking good pictures. Here are some of our best and worst attempts.

6 months.

26 weeks {almost}.

 181 days.

4344 hours.

260,640 minutes.

 15,638,400 seconds.

That's a long time to deal with me.

And I'm so grateful that he chooses to put up with me everyday.

I'm a lucky girl. And I'm extremely blessed to have someone as wonderful as him love me.

Thanks for sticking with me while I got sappy.

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