Friday, July 17, 2015

Getting Recruitment Ready: Round 2!

So it took me way longer to do the second part of my recruitment series than I intended, mainly because I forgot how hard it is to find what to wear for the second round of recruitment, but alas I finally found some things I think would work, so here are my tips, advice and what to expect for the second round of recruitment!

At Clemson, and most places I think, the second round of recruitment is when you learn all about the philanthropies of the chapters you were invited back to after first round. In my opinion, this is when you really learn the heart of the chapter and get to see how active they are outside of the little bubble of your university.

For those of you who might not know, each national sorority has a different charitable organization (or several) that it supports. For example, Tri Delta supports St. Jude's Children's Hospital, which is a hospital that does research and treats childhood cancer at no cost to the families; Theta supports CASA or Court Appointed Special Advocates, which is an organization that helps children who are in the foster care system; Kappa Delta supports Girl Scouts and a few others. You can find out more about sororities philanthropies from looking at the national website or the website for the chapter at your school. A lot of chapters also support local charitable organizations that are similar to their national philanthropy. 

When visiting each chapter, they'll tell you about which organizations they work with and the events they hold in order to raise money for it. You can really tell when sisters are passionate about the work that their sorority does in order to help people. For me, philanthropy day majorly changed my mind about a few chapters.

Talking about philanthropies with sisters is great way to get into deeper conversations with them. It also opens up for them to ask you about any service work you have done through your high school or on your own. Service is a key aspect of the Greek community and each organization requires its members to log service hours, but most people do it because its just nice to help people. 

Now for what to wear for round 2. This was the round that I had the hardest time finding something to wear. It's slightly more dressed up than the first day, but still casual. If I remember correctly you can still wear nice shorts and a top, or opt for something a little dressier like a sundress or skirt. I wore dress because it was just easier in my opinion. Here are some of the dresses I found that I think would work for second round. 

Similarly to round 1, during second round, the sisters are meeting lots of people so you want to make your self stand out. Opt for a fun pattern or a bright color. You could also mix it up and go non traditional by wearing a romper. Comfort and coolness are key because of the long days and high temperatures of August. When looking for what to wear think about what you would wear for going out to dinner with friends, casual but still nice and classy. You'll also want to make sure you're wearing comfortable shoes again like flats or sandals. You don't want to start wearing heels for round 2 since it's still pretty casual (and the long day would kill your feet). 

Remember to find something that shows off your style and you are comfortable in! You don't need to try to be anyone but yourself. 

My next recruitment post about Round 3 should be coming next week!

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