Monday, January 25, 2016

5 Tips to Add Happiness to Your Day

I've been telling myself since I got back to school about three weeks ago (umm..what? where did January go?) that I would get back into blogging. It was even a goal of mine for the new year (lol I'm terrible at resolutions). So today I'm adopting the Nike attitude and just doing it. Writing is something I've always really liked to do and I've been realizing more and more in college that I really need an open, creative outlet. I spent a lot of last semester in sort of a funk. I was stressed, sleep deprived and just generally not happy. I want 2016 to be a good, positive year and so blogging is one way I'm trying to do that. 

With this new upbeat outlook, I thought I would share some advice on how to combat the craziness and add a little more positivity to each day.

1. Take a little bit of time for yourself every day.

Whether it's getting up a little early to drink coffee and do your makeup, blogging between classes, or painting your nails while you watch the Bachelor (may be doing all of these today!), do something at least one thing purely for your enjoyment each day.

2. Plan ahead, but be able to be flexible.

I'm a type a, planner person so I love to play ahead. My agenda is my best friend; it's color coded for all of my activities and I may smile every time I pull it out of my backpack, weird I know. Try to plan  ahead as much as possible: know due dates for assignments, pack your backpack and prep your Keurig at night (saves soo much time when you're running late to an 8am). But also know when to be spontaneous. This is something I am terrible at, so I'm trying to recognize the times that I need to take a break from my planned-by-hour day to go grab coffee with a friend and just relax.

3. Get all the negativity out, instead of bottling it up.

Getting emotions out in any form usually always helps me. Whether it's writing it out in a journal or ranting to my sweet, patient boyfriend, once that negativity isn't stored up in me, I feel lighter. So get it all out, then move on. 

4. Wear something that makes you feel good

I know it's easy to roll out of bed and throw on leggings and a big t shirt. I'm guilty of this a lot! But it's also really nice to put together a cute outfit that makes you happy. Maybe leggings and t shirt is that outfit for you, but no matter what, before you leave in the morning look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate that you look good today. As strange as that sounds, appreciate yourself, because you are gorgeous and awesome!

5. Smile more!

This is actually something we talked about in my psych class today! Fun fact: your brain can't recognize a real smile from a fake one so even when you're forcing a smile so you don't look completely miserable in microeconomics, your brain recognizes that you're smiling and fires the neurons in your brain that make you happy. Pretty cool, huh? So try to smile more, even at strangers when you're walking to class, and it'll actually make you happier.

I hope this adds a little happiness into your Monday! Writing it made me feel better and it'll be a reminder to myself of what to do to be happy everyday.