Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Perfect Bikini Body

If you're like me, and most other girls, you sometimes get uncomfortable when it comes to wearing more revealing clothing. This is especially true for me during the spring and summer when regular attire revolves around shorts, tank tops, and swimsuits. Like every other girl in the world, I have things I don't like about my body. This can sometimes make it uncomfortable when it comes to going to the pool or beach and wearing a swimsuit that covers about the same amount as my underwear. Especially since just looking on Instagram, you can see thousands of pictures of perfectly tan and stick thin girls looking perfect in their bikinis.

However, a campaign lead by Aerie, a spinoff company of American Eagle, is working to change this perception that you have to have the "perfect body" to wear a cute swimsuit in public. The whole concept is that their brand is designed for real girls, who (surprise!) have all different body types. They do not retouch any of their models to make them look skinnier, and have started to use models that have less of the traditional model figure and look more like the girls who will be wearing their clothes. I think this is amazing! Because anyone who has ever watched the Victoria Secret Fashion Show has immediately felt the need to diet or work out to look like those girls, which is ridiculous. Every girl has a right to feel happy, comfortable and confident in their bikini, no matter what their body looks like. It also doesn't hurt that Aerie has insanely cute swimwear. 

This week, as part of their Swim Break Road Trip, Aerie came to Clemson! This was amazing for so many reasons, mostly that it is half an hour to the closest mall that doesn't even have an Aerie store. I am very wary when it comes to buying things like swimsuits online, so having the chance to try some on in-between classes was awesome. They had a truck filled with swimsuits, coverups, and accessories. Little yellow changing tents were set up. They were giving out juice and providing free manicures. It was a girl's paradise, especially during midterm week. Everyone went nuts, grabbing any and every piece they liked. I did not go super crazy and only picked out two suits to try on because I was crunched on time. While waiting in the line to try them on, one of the Aerie workers from their main office in Pittsburgh moved down the line making sure everyone had sizes that would fit them and instructed us on how to try on some of the more untraditional tops. She was so nice and helpful, as were all the workers. It added that much more to the experience. 

I tried on one fairly traditional bathing suit and one that was a little bit funkier. Both fit and I loved how they both looked, but I decided to go with the one that was a little more out of my comfort zone, pictured below. 

Did I need a new bikini? No. Did I get one anyway? You betcha! It was a good deal too! Separates are only $20 each, which is only marginally more than if I were to get a bathing suit from Target. And that's significantly cheaper than places like Victoria Secret. I felt surprisingly more confident and happy in this bikini than I expected to, I think it may have had something to do with the fact that the style was already out of my comfort zone so I was deciding just to own it! I am so happy I got it and I can't wait to wear it while I'm in California next week (plenty of pictures to come)!

Remember the best way to get the perfect bikini body is to put a bikini you love on your body!

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