Tuesday, June 28, 2016

You Look Like the Fourth of July

I hope you get my Legally Blonde 2 reference, if not go watch it. Anyway, it is finally my favorite time of the year! The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday and one of my favorite parts is picking out the perfect patriotic outfit for the day's events.

Even better than finding a great outfit to celebrate the day, is finding that outfit at a store that stands for a great cause. On Sunday, I was at the mall and went into the store Altar'd State, where they had such a pretty display of patriotic attire (pictured above). I wanted all of it! The striped dress you see above is what I will be wearing to a party on the Fourth with some red accessories. If you have an Altar'd State near you, I highly recommend checking it out. I've shopped there before and will continue to for a long time because of how much I like this brand and what they stand for. 

In case you don't know about the store, I'll fill you in. Altar'd State was founded in 2009 as a modern Christian store. They transitioned into a clothing boutique, but maintained their Christian roots and desire to transform the retail environment. Their mission statement is "SERVING as an inspiration, EMPOWERING others by GIVING more than we receive, we stand out for good to glorify GOD." Do you know of any other retail company with a mission statement like that? I don't. Altar'd State gives back by donating 1% of all of their profits to various charities. So far they've donated over 2 million dollars to charity. Each Monday, they donate 10% of the days profits to a designated charity often varying by location. They also reimburse their employees for four hours of volunteer work every month. That's insane! They have very clearly defined values and stick to them. 

Those values wouldn't mean anything if customers don't enjoy their shopping experience. I have never not liked shopping at Altar'd State. Their employees are soo nice. For example, on Sunday I was walking around the store with the clothes I had already tried on and planned on buying and probably had three different employees ask how I was doing and needed a fitting room. This could be seen as annoying, I see it as them being very attentive to their customers. I just think this store is amazing and think you should check it out.

Have you been to Altar'd State? Did you like it as much as I do?

(P.S. Altar'd State is having a huge semi annual sale right now with up to 60% off sale items)

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