Monday, July 18, 2016

10 Life Goals for My 20's

Happy Monday y'all!
I am super excited because it is officially my birthday week, yes I am one of those obnoxious people. To celebrate entering my 20's I am doing a week of posts themed around turning 20 and leaving the teen years behind.

In my opinion, your 20s is where you become a real adult and have some really big life changes happen. This impending reality is a little lot nerve wracking, but I always find that making lists helps me feel less nervous and keeps me accountable. So here is a list of the 10 things I would like to accomplish in my 20's (in no particular order).

1. Travel Abroad // I have technically been out of the country on a cruise, but at some point in the next 10 years, I would like to make my way "across the pond" and visit some of the places that are on my bucket list: London, Paris, all of Italy and Ireland, and many more.

2. Go to Grad School // I have picked a major where there is not a whole lot I can do with just a Bachelors degree so I will inevitably have to go to grad school. I hope to find a school and a program that fits what I would like to do (developmental psychology).

3. Get a Big Girl Job I Love // Obviously you can't be a real adult without a real adult job.  I don't know exactly what my dream job is yet, but hopefully between my last two years of college and going to grad school I will be able to find the career and the job that suits me and that I love doing.

4. Start Seriously Saving // Yes I do have a savings account now, but at the moment saving money for my first house or other big life expenses isn't a top priority. As I go through the next few years and get a real job, I hope to start spending smarter and putting money away for those big life events that are to come. 

5. Start Investing // Raise your hand if your parents have lectured you about starting to save money for retirement while you're young (my hand is wayyy up). My dad is always telling me about different investments and how important it is to have investment accounts young so that you can provide for yourself when you're older. Most of the time I just nod my head like I understand Roth IRAs and DOW and which stocks are good. However, since I am making strides towards becoming a real adult, I want to really learn about all the things my dad has been telling me about. Maybe even using some like this to keep track of money and investments in order to prepare for my future.

6. Get Married // I know I have zero control over this whatsoever, but I like to think that I will get married sometime before I'm 30. This one is more of a dream than a goal.

7. Move Into My First Apartment // I have spent the past two years and again this upcoming year living in a dorm on campus, which is totally fine with me. But I am so excited for senior year to move into my very first apartment! I have never had a place of my own besides my bedroom at home, so I am really looking forward to being able to decorate an apartment and start living on my own.

8. Put Down Roots // I don't mean planting a garden. By the time I hit 30 I want to be settled in the place I will call home for an expanse of time. Whether it means coming back to Texas (the actual goal) or finding out that I'm meant to be somewhere else, I hope to get all that figured out and start finding out how I fit in a new community.

9. Buy a House // This goes along with #6 sorta. I don't have a single clue what the next ten years are going to hold (heck I don't even know what tomorrow will hold), but I would like to start building a foundation for my life and part of that is having my own home (with my imaginary future husband). A lot goes into this, like finding the place to call home and being able to afford it (see how all of these tie together), so this one ranks as both a dream and a goal.

10. Be Happy // Again I don't have a single clue what will happen in this next stage of my life (ugh sounding like an adult already), but I hope that whatever happens I will be happy and joyful and truly love my life.

So these are the things I hope for in my 20's, do you have any major #lifegoals for your next few years? I would love to hear!

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  1. Love this!! I hope you get to do all this would be fun to see blog posts of you accomplishing all this.

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