Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Cheers To The Teen Years

Hello friends! I have four days left as a teenager (what?!!?!). It's crazy to think about how much I have changed and grown since I turned 13 in 2009 (geez that makes me seem old). To celebrate leaving my teen years behind, I wanted to reflect on the many life lessons I learned throughout being a teenager. So here is some of the wisdom (ha!) I gained during my teen years!

Lessons I learned as a teenager -

- If you're not happy where you are (school, friend group, etc) you can leave, and it's usually better if you do.

- Even when it doesn't seem like it, things have a way of working out for the best.

- Being the new person is hard, but it will force you to grow.

- The friends who stick around when life changes will surprise you.

- Being part of the "popular" group means nothing if the people aren't true friends.

- In small environments (schools, communities, etc) everyone will know everything about everyone else. There is no way to avoid that.

- Just because people are wealthier or have nicer things than you does not mean they are better than you.

- Sometimes you'll be a better friend to someone than they are to you, and it won't be easy.

- Secrets should always be kept. 

- Always stand up for yourself, even when you're nervous or scared.

- Wearing uniforms for high school is actually really nice.

- Speak out when you don't agree with something or someone.

- High school boys are not worth crying over.

- Being a leader is tricky and you only make things harder if you never ask for help.

- You will never be able to control anyone, stop trying.

- Sometimes the only way to start feeling better is to sob to your mom on the way home.

- Never, ever be mean to your mom. She is always going to be your biggest cheerleader.

- Be grateful for your parents and tell them thank you often.

- What people think of you in high school (or in any season of life) does not define you.

- Listen to your gut instinct. Those feelings tend to be right.

-  You are not dumber than your classmates because you decided to go to a southern state school instead of a liberal arts college in the northeast.

- Some people aren't meant to stay in your life forever.

- Thank your high school teachers - you owe them a lot.

- Don't be afraid to raise your hand in class when you know the answer.

- You didn't "just get lucky" or "guess well" when you do well in class. Own it.

- Just because you can get away with procrastinating doesn't mean you should.

- Sometimes all you need is a night completely by yourself.

- Other times you need to get your butt up and out of your dorm and meet people.

- Fraternity parties are never as fun as they seem on Greek. Go to a few anyway.

- Organizations you are in don't define you, you define them.

- Prove people wrong.

- If your roommate is going to walk across campus late at night, go with her. You might just run into someone who will change your life.

- Take hard classes, join an organization where you don't know anyone, challenge yourself. It's always worth it.

- Time management is everything.

- The world is a very small place. You will find out you have craziest connections to people.

- Be kind to everyone, always.

- You don't have to be part of one specific friend group all the time.

- In fact, it's better if you can bounce around and hang out with all sorts of people. 

- Distance yourself from people who drag you down or make you feel bad about yourself.

- Never be okay with someone being rude to another person.

- Hanging out with a bunch of boys can be the best mental break ever.

- If there is something you want to do or something you want to start, go for it.

- You never have to be anything other than your authentic self.

- Life is short, eat another cookie.

- Appreciate every single time you get to see your grandparents. Unfortunately they won't be here forever.

- Words are powerful, use them carefully.

- 9 times out of 10, it's not worth worrying about, but you'll worry anyway.

- Wear bright lipstick (or anything for that matter) if it makes you happy.

- You can always go back home. 

I could probably think of a million more things to include on this list, but I need to stop somewhere. I hope you enjoyed this list of things I have learned over the past seven years. A lot of these things I continue to learn and work on, life is funny that way. 

What are some of the major life lessons you learned as a teenager? I would love to hear! 


  1. I love this, It's so awesome. I'm in my last year as a teen and I can relate to all of these!! Love!!

    Corsica |

  2. Yes! I love 'Life is short, eat a cookie'!!
    xo, Syd

    1. Thanks Sydney! And those are wise words from my sweet grandpa who (in his words) never met a cookie he didn't eat.

  3. I love this!! I relate to so many of these lessons, thanks for sharing! I actually wrote a post a few weeks ago about 19 Things I Learned in 19 Years and I loved reflecting! :) xx Alyssa (