Friday, July 1, 2016

June Top 10!

My oh my, it's already July!
Sorry, I enjoy rhyming, but seriously, where is this summer going??? I have always seen the Fourth of July as kicking off the downhill slide of the summer, and that is especially true now that I'm in college because a month from now I will be gearing up to move back to South Carolina for my junior year of college (but let's just ignore that for right now).
As I do every month, here is a round up of my top 10 favorite things from the month of June.

1// In case you missed my Magnolia Dreams post, my sweet boyfriend came to Texas for a weekend and I got to spend some quality time with him and his mom, which included going to Magnolia Market. It was a really nice (but wayyy too short) weekend. 

2 // I started using the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser Concealer and oh my goodness it is worth ALL the hype. I have a lot of trouble sleeping, which leads to horrible under eye circles, but with this concealer, I don't really notice them anymore. I have never had a concealer that worked this well. If you don't have this in your makeup bag already, you need it.

3 // My mom and I went a little nuts in Altar'd State last weekend and I ended up getting 2 dresses, a tunic and a romper (hey they were on sale!) I will be wearing one of the dresses for the Fourth of July and the other I wore to work earlier this week. It's gingham seersucker, does it get more perfectly preppy than that? When I came downstairs in it, my mom commented that I looked like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, which makes sense because it is Altar'd State's "Dorothy" dress. 

4 // I did a lot of interacting with other bloggers this month through Twitter chats. It has been a great way to start forming a community, because as much as I talk to my mom and boyfriend about blog things, it's great to have people who can relate and know so much more than I do about all this blogging business. One of my favorite blogs that I've interacted with is The Swirl by Gabby and Hannah, who are fellow college juniors and best friends. Their blog is adorable and informative. I've followed them since they started blogging last summer and it's so impressive to see how much they've grown in just a year. I so admire them and their hard work. Keep an eye on their blog and you might see a familiar face later this month ;)

5 // My ipsy bag was particularly great in June. I have been getting ipsy bags for almost a year and this was probably the best yet. If you don't know about ipsy, it's a monthly subscription service that sends you 5 new beauty products to test out every month. The products are curated to your tastes and the more you review the bags and the products you received, the more they align with your likes and dislikes. My favorite products in it were a Formula X nailpolish in Wingwoman (the perfect red) and Cake Beauty's Everything Balm, which really does work for everything.

6 // The song I heard everywhere (and loved) in June was "From the Ground Up" by Dan and Shay. Oh my goodness, it is so cute! I'm sure it'll be a popular song on wedding playlists this year. Love songs are my favorite and this is one of the best, in my opinion.

7 // I haven't watched too much tv or Netflix recently, but I did start on The Originals, the Vampire Diaries spinoff series. If you like the Vampire Diaries or things of that genre, definitely check it. I actually like it better than TVD, the actors are better (the accents, swoon) and it is set in New Orleans, one of my favorite places.

8 // This month I started following more bloggers and vloggers on Snapchat. It's really interesting to see more into some of my favorite Internet personality's lives. Emily Ley's snapchat is far and above my favorite, mainly because she's constantly snapping her insanely adorable kiddos. I think the blogger snapchat trend is really interesting and it is cool to see the utilization of different platforms to promote brands. 

9 // I FINALLY got a brand new iPhone! I have had issues with the battery life of my phone for over a year, then I shattered the screen in March, and then it finally croaked two weeks ago. So last weekend I got my first new phone in 3.5 years. I got the gold (they were out of rose gold) iPhone SE and I love it. It is the same size as the iPhone 5, but with updated software and camera. I never liked how big the iPhone 6 was and SE has the same capabilities at a more reasonable size and price point.

10 // July is my favorite month because it holds my favorite holiday and my birthday. I have always loved the Fourth of July and this year will be especially fun since all of my siblings are home for the first time since Christmas. The day is full of family traditions like going to the parade in town and lunch at a friend's house. Then at the end of July is my 20th birthday, otherwise known as the least significant birthday ever. If you missed my birthday wishlist, check it out here.

Happy July!!!


  1. I've been wanting to go to the Magnolia Market!! And I need to make a Twitter for my blog so I can join in the Twitter chats, they sound so great! July sounds like it'll be a great month :)

  2. I also just got a new phone! My old phone seriously looked like crap. I dropped it so many time you couldn't even recognize the screen anymore. I just ordered a shockproof case on Amazon. I'm not taking any chances with cute cases lol. Looks like the month of June was very good to you :)

    Yvanne |

    1. That's how mine was too! It fell off my lofted bed the day before I was supposed to leave for spring break, talk about terrible timing. Loving the new SE though. The camera is awesome!


    2. That's how mine was too! It fell off my lofted bed the day before I was supposed to leave for spring break, talk about terrible timing. Loving the new SE though. The camera is awesome!