Friday, February 10, 2017

e.l.f Product Review

Way back on Black Friday (seems like forever ago doesn't it?), I placed a decent sized order with e.l.f. cosmetics. After dealing with the first package getting lost in the mail and having to be resent, I have been trying out these products for about a month and a half now and thought I would share what works and what doesn't.

 // Flawless Finish Foundation: $6 //

So I have this never ending problem with foundations: I am extraordinarily pale, but also cool toned. Foundations for my coloring generally don't exist. E.l.f. only has six shades in this foundation and the palest is still too dark for me. However, it's really good coverage and can be made to work for my skin tone when using beauty sponge and concealer. It does not apply well with a brush for some reason, but looks great with a sponge. It doesn't last super long though - I noticed it breaking up and looking oily by about 6pm (I put it on around 9am). Also, this may not be the case for all bottles, but the pump on mine doesn't work at all. All in all, not my most favorite, but not bad for $6.

// Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder: $4 //

I am OBSESSED with this duo! I bought my first one last spring, I think, so this was a repurchase. I get it in the color Fiji, which is the matte pair. The bronzer works perfectly for my pale skin and the blush is a great everyday shade. I've also had this duo in the shade Turks & Caicos, but I much prefer the matte duo to the shimmer, especially for bronzer.

// Illuminating Palette: $6 //

I have mixed feelings about this highlight palette. I can only really use the top two shades with my skin tone. They're very pretty and can be built up or applied on top of a cream highlighter to give a strong impact, but on first application, they're not very strong. Part of the problem may be the brush I'm using (I don't exactly know the right kind of brush to use for highlight). At this price point though, I do recommend picking one up for everyday use. 

// Eyebrow Kit: $3 //

So I've always been into the look of strong brows. I've been filling mine in since I first saw YouTubers doing it when I was in my early high school years, before the whole world was obsessed with brows. But I always used an eyeshadow or brown eyeliner, then I purchased this gem. It's a gel and powder duo - I got the shade medium. I apply the gel to get the shape and definition I want, then I use the powder to set and take away the shininess of the gel. On lazier days, I just use the powder, which also looks good. It comes with a double ended brush that makes application super easy.

// Eyebrow Duo Brush: $3 //

So even though the brow kit comes with a brush, I decided to go ahead and pick up a full sized brush with a spoolie on one end. It's great. I love it. I seriously don't understand how people spend a ton of money on something on eyebrow brushes when this one is only $3. Seriously cannot recommend this combo enough.

// Essential Lip Stain: $2 //

This is the only item I would definitely say to pass on. I got it in the color Crimson Crush, which was probably my first mistake. It may have worked better in a more neutral color. The biggest issue I have with this product though is the brush. It's a pen shape, which you would think would make application really easy, but the tip is too pointed. If you try to use the tip to apply, barely any product comes out and it scrapes against your lips, but if you turn it to the side, you don't get a crisp application. Save your two dollars.

// Matte Lip Color: $3 //

I got two of these matte lip colors; one in wine, the other in rowdy rouge. Again, I probably should have gotten a neutral, everyday shade, but oh well. I really like these. I wear the wine color way more, somehow it seems okay to wear that color everyday but I don't feel that way about true reds. They're basically a large lip pencil, which makes applying them very easy. I wouldn't say they're super matte or very long lasting, so if that's what you're looking for this isn't the right product for you. The colors and texture are really nice for how cheap they are so you can't really go wrong.

Of all the things I tried, the eyebrow kit and matte lip color in wine are definitely my favorites. E.l.f. is a great, affordable makeup brand that I have used for a long time, so I highly suggest trying out a few of their products if you haven't before. 

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